Finally done with this!!

I was thinking of something simple that would make a cute print or phone case for the shop.:) 

will probably set it on the shop tomorow.:D

Morning reblog! 

And now you can find this at the shop! ;)

Finally done with this!!

I was thinking of something simple that would make a cute print or phone case for the shop.:) 

will probably set it on the shop tomorow.:D

I had forgoten what a chalenge it was for me to decide on a new theme..

Trying to work out tht new beyond the sea and something with cute chibi for the shop……I dont know where this is going anymore. 

(composition left me….-_-)

(Don't want to hijack maple's post, so:) What about unicorn hunter Gilbert, disciplined and chaste, who lures unicorns out to where they can be netted and slaughtered. Matthew the elusive unicorn, shy and cautious, who requires more work than usual to lure out, more openness and honesty from Gilbert. Except that Gilbert then starts to like the creature, which makes it harder for him to do his job, but will Matthew knowing Gilbert's real purpose (real *history*) ruin them before they begin?





yes goood gooooooooooood

Well, think about all the angst you can pull in, especially since Gilbert is probably fabulous at his job! Probably has a pretty big kill record too - dude can be charming when he feels like it.

So he gets called in on this job. Maybe the local land speculator wants to build farms and the unicorn is getting in the way of progress (/people think he shouldn’t disturb the unicorn), maybe the only way to cure cancer is powdered unicorn horn. Whatever the reason, he comes in expecting it to be like the others - take a few days to find the unicorn and get it to trust him, take a few more to lead it out to the hunters, and then take a few to go out drinking with his little brother and his friends.

When he finally finds the unicorn, Matthew isn’t unfriendly, but he’s wary. Strange person, in his home forest, trying to get him to go somewhere? No thank you. So he keeps his distance.

Gilbert might have ridiculous skill at getting unicorns to relax once he touches them (magic massage fingers y/y?), but that’s not much good if the unicorn skitters away whenever he gets close, is it? So he has to be patient like he hasn’t had to be for years, talking to the unicorn, staying still, not being threatening at all. This? This takes more than a few days.

And maybe Matthew likes him enough to bring him nuts and berries while he’s sleeping, so that Gilbert won’t starve if he doesn’t get back to camp, and maybe he’s intrigued by this funny albino with unicorn hair, but he doesn’t get close enough to touch.

So Gilbert is stuck in the forest, learning Matthew’s body language and, well, Matthew, in a way that he’s never had to for another job. And he’s starting to like Matthew, to appreciate the fall of his mane or the toss of his head in a way that’s counter to every money-making bone in Gilbert’s body and yet… And yet he doesn’t stop talking, stop watching.

Matthew likes the stories, and he’s starting to care about this human, but soon enough Gilbert’s partners are going to come looking for him to make sure he isn’t dead in a hollow somewhere and Matthew will find out why Gilbert came to the forest in the first place, and won’t that be a kick in the heart? :)


hmmmmm there is a lot of good ideas in that…..I will check what I can come up with. ;) (and if ansgt there is i will work hard for the fluff ending if i can help it.)

I will have to think about the whole shape shifting and design….this is going to be fun.B)

I realise that some day my real happyness is having a cup of coffee, music and just pass the entire day drawing pretty things and prucan….lots of prucan.

On the Edge of Infinity from prucan collection on 8tracks Radio.


On the Edge of Infinity

- An 18 Track mix complied by myself with contributions from the creators of the Beyond the Sea AU - MapleVogel and DarkmoonSigel

This track mix follows the story of a young man who’s message-in-a-bottle gets picked up by the most unlikely of creatures.

Light-hearted, sweet and contemplating, enjoy


Track list:

1. Across the Universe – The Beatles/ 2. Lighthouse – Lucy Spraggan/3.  Vampire Weekend – Cap Cod Kwassa, Kwassa/ 4. Octopus Garden – The Beatles/ 5. Ada Jones and Billy Williams - By The Beautiful Sea/ 6. Saucy Sailor - Steeleye Span/ 7. Smooth Day – Blue Sky Project/ 8. River Flows in You – Lindsay Sterling/ 9. You Raise Me Up – Andrei  Rieu/ 10. Erutan Music  - For the Dancing and the Dreamin’/ 11. Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I am/ 12. Better When We’re Together – Jack Johnson/ 13. Sailboats – Sky Sailing /14. Saltwater Room – Owl City/ 15. Boats and Birds – Gregory and the Hawk/ 16. Lover of Light – Mumford and Sons/ 17. Farwell to Nova Scotia – Sons of Maxwell/ 18. Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin

MUSICS!!! thank you so much!


Can we please stop stealing people’s art without their consent?

Especially Japanese artists?

Because believe or not, when you take a dojinka’s art and post it somewhere else without permission, not only will you make them very sad (not to mention angry) when they find out, but you…

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One moment I am like “oh yeah i could finish that original and post it as print and such!”

another moment I am “meh drawing is not working today maybe I could time off….”

then “oh i should draw some cute prucan chibi to put has prints!maybe beyond the sea!”

and then follows “yeah but I wonder if I am drawing too much fanart…”

and we go back to the top…..Its an endless circle where motivation is the fish that wont catch the freaking hook. 

Well smieska put the idea of a Unicorn!matthew in my head last week. 

He would meet Gilbert while he is walking along the edge of the forest. Gilbert would get captivated by this vision and Matthew would get curious about this strange human with white hair making him think that maybe Gil is a unicorn in disguise too. 

Let is be said I like fantasy AUs.XD

This will be a postcard print soon to be added to shop.:)