Little fall comic because, lets be honest, if someone is to jump in the leaves its Matthew .XD (I often forget that while he is a bit more calm than Gilbert, he is such a child for those things. XD)

AU where Gilbert and Ludwig just moved in a new house after Ludwig got a ambassador job in Canada. Gilbert decided to tag along. (Because he is SUCH a good brother….and totally not lonely.)

So Gilbert is just walking the dogs and he fall on their neighbor (pretty cute neighbor with a nice ass) and Gilbert find the joy of autumn suddenly even more interesting.XD

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» the path in the forest

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Based of P0ck3tf0x lovely comment about prussia and glasses.:) 

too pround he dont want to wear them until his canadian come to put them on his nose.;) <3

there Gilbert, now you can read important papers.XD

awwww young love in summer time.XD Gilbert and Matthew are both 15 in this. They have been best friend for ever since they where 8 and while Gilbert want to grow up fast he is still nervous to even hold Matthew hand.

Just innocent first love there.:3

I am quickly posting this too because my internet is acting up again.:( took me everything to get online today and the connection might break at any moment.:( I will try to finish and upload more drawings today if I can.

Omake of this.;)

While Gilbert as no problem to wake up early he do prefere lying in bed with his husband rather than standing in the cold morning air of the north.

….and he might have some other ideas in mind since he is, well, himself.XD

"What do you say to the first sane-looking Human you saw in months?"

FINALLY second page of the “Romantically apocalyptic” inspired little 3 page comic I am doing.:)



And now that my PruCan quotas is filled, I wish you goodnight.:)

Page 1

Weeeeeeee!!! First page!:D

I’m sorry it’s taking so long but I ‘ll try to update a page a day (Or tonight if we are lucky.:))

(3 pages in total in the end, life won’t gave me a break to draw these days….)

What did Matthew see?…;)

Totally inspired by THE AWESOME WONDERFULL AND GENIUS COMIC “Romantically appocalyptic” by alexsius.

(I only own the drawing and the plot line for my 3 page comic.)

A little comic page made for the story “Cardverse: Faro Shuffle" That my friend, The awesome Darkmoonsigel, is writting.:)

That part (chapter 8) struck me and it’s a very good adventure/epic story.:D

If you love USUK, Cardverse AU, PruCan, GerIta and fantasy/adventure story I recommend it too you right aways!:D

Next: Tomorow I’ll upload the finished piece for the month of July In the Story “Faith” by the wonderful P0ck3tf0x!!:D

A little and very silly little RusCan comic I did for Madi at the “Giving in” facebook group.:) (She had draw me a very funny pic of Russia getting attack by Mochis!XD)

Hope you won’t mind that I post it here.:)

(**read the comic left part first**)

And since I have a shitty handwritting here’s what they are saying:

Matthew: Ivan, I…Must tell you that in fact…./ second case/…Alfred made me out of Mochis and maple.

Ivan (In the very last panel on the right): I’ll kill Amerika tomorow.